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Physiotherapy, Osteopathy

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When I met Sophie in June I was feeling very worried and scared due to a disc prolapse and consequent sciatica along with a general spinal disc deterioration. Other spinal surgeons had already proposed surgery or an epidural cortisone injection, which I wanted to avoid. I had had other treatments in the past, ie chiropractors, osteopaths, ozone/oxygen treatment, physiotherapy and pilates, however none had managed to contain my back problem. After an in-depth assessment, Sophie immediately proposed I try the Sarah Key method, which I had never heard of. It sounded too good to be true – and tailor made for my problems and situation. When I tried the first steps of the programme, I could feel the benefits instantly and I knew that I had finally found the right approach to help me manage my back problems. Since I’ve been following the method my back has steadily improved and strengthened and is now in excellent shape. I’ve already shared my discovery with friends and family who have also given the method a try with very promising results. I can recommend it whole heartedly, it was a life saver to me.

Georgia Mandl

My name is Corporal Of Horse Mark Jaworski and I am 38 years old. I am a Senior Non Commissioned Officer in Her Majesty's Household Cavalry Regiment. I have been a Soldier for 15 years now, and love my work. I have suffered for the last 4 years with lower back pain, and my career was hanging in the balance, so I came to Scorpio Clinics for help.

My back pain was so bad that I could not even reach over the sink in the morning to brush my teeth or shave. I was living on Anti Inflammatory for 4 years every day and was really unwell. It was affecting my career, my home life and I was getting very depressed. I came to Scorpio Clinics where Sophie introduced me to the Back Block as well as treating me on a regular basis. The exercises are very relaxing and after a little practice become second nature and easy to do. They take only a small amount of time to complete and the results are staggering.

Since seeing Sophie at Scorpio Clinics and using the Back Block I am 99% pain free in only 3 weeks of treatment. My life has been turned around and my career is safe. I feel happy and my painfree back is letting me live my life again.

I am so grateful for the help and training I have received from Sophie and her team at Scorpio Clinics, they have truly given me my life back. I would strongly recommend the Back Block to anyone with lower back pain.

Mark Jaworski, Knightsbridge

I am 39 year old a rugby player, golfer and cyclist and over the last few months, Sophie has treated me for my lower back injuries. I particularly value the fact that Sophie is herself an athlete. As such, she understands the importance of getting me back training and playing as quickly as possible. Prior to commencing working with Sophie at Scorpio, I was suffering from continual lower back pain and "Freezing" related to my Young Onset Parkinson's, Sophie has treated my lower back pain using the Sarah Key method, which involves manipulation of the back by the feet, it's not much fun during the sessions but afterwards the rewards are huge, I am able to walk , run freely, stand still and play with my beautiful three old twins without surging pain up my back. Sophie has also given me some maintenance exercises which I complete once a day, my balance and fitness have improved greatly due to this. I'm happy to report that I haven't had a fall since starting the Sarah Key method and have found it is very beneficial.. It has definitely slowed down the progression of my back pain due to Parkinson's disease.

Mick McCarthy

Following an ankle injury I experienced a disabling sciatic pain and initially saw an osteopath who sent me for an ultrasound scan of the ankle and a subsequent consultation with a specialist. He recommended an extended course of physiotherapy as the pain was clearly being caused by a number of issues. So after seeking a solution for three months and still unable to walk any distance (although I could cycle) I was recommended to Sophie Dhenin at the Scorpio Clinic. After researching my condition, Sophie commenced on a weekly regime of Intra-muscular Stimulation Therapy. These sessions went on for a few months and in the latter stages there was a marked improvement. Finally after about eight months of therapy the pain disappeared completely. In the last two months I have been able to resume a fully active life, feeling even better than before the problem started. Sophie, from the very outset gave me a feeling of confidence in her treatment and my faith has been amply rewarded.

Joseline Rawlins

I just had to write to say thank you for wielding your magic needles on my knee, Were just back from a week in North Yorkshire (first foray in search of a place to retire) and it was such a pleasure to be able to walk 5-6 miles without any pain or after-effects, especially to go down steep and slippery dales without having to save either knee.

I think I bored Alan by the number of times I said, "Wow, this feels so good!". I certainly found the stiles easier than did our new hound who is not really built for them (see attached). ...........


Steve was brilliant and very reassuring. I am a bit sceptical sometimes about physio - but he so obviously knew what he was doing, identifying the pain source straight away and then explaining the treatment approach. I have not used your service before but certainly will in the future - and have already recommended you to a friend. Many thanks


Linda, Shepperton

The Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) treatment has made me feel much better in treating the problem I'd been having with my neck for the past 2 years,
Despite only 2 treatments, the severe headache which I had been experiencing frequently was much reduced. The stiffness in my neck and shoulder is much improved.

In my opinion, this method is an excellent way of treating this problem.


I have spent a lifetime taking part in competitive orienteering and had some very good success as a young runner. Just 2 or 3 years ago, I undertook a programme of fitness training, intending to achieve high level success in this sport, hopefully gaining podium places at British level. I recognised that it would take several seasons to achieve the improvements I needed, and I have been steadily rising up the ranks. Unfortunately I suffered a major trauma to my left leg during last year's season and as a result I put an odd loading on my legs (continuing to run through the pain) and subsequently inflicted multiple muscle and soft tissue damage to many areas of my legs. For nearly a year I have had pain to the inner leg side of my right knee - suspect that the trauma had simply been the last straw in several areas of weakness. The pain was most apparent while flexing the knee and also straightening it in a stretch. The pain and tightness in all muscle groups above both knees was causing slowness and running difficulty, especially over very physical terrain, like rough, bouldery moorland, forest brashings and steep climb - all of which are regular features of orienteering competitions.

After trying several treatments, I was on the point of referral to a surgeon, when I turned to Sophie for a consultation. I was hoping that her specialization in knees would indicate a soft tissue treatment that would avoid any sort of surgery. Sophie gave the leg a thorough examination and identified a few areas of weakness. When she found very specific pain points at the knee she diagnosed a medial plica and suggested that dry needling could give very immediate relief for the condition. She described the treatment as causing small wounds in the plica that invoked a spasm in the muscle with quite sharp pain, which then subsides and causes healing at that point.

I was keen. She started with the first treatment during that first session and the knee pain dramatically disappeared.

Linda Pakuls

Just a note to say "thank you!" for the effectiveness of your recent treatment of the intermittent pain in my ankle. This had been difficult to find the cause or cure for, since it only occurred in the particular circumstances of wearing ankle high walking boots, and I'm glad that I was referred to you in the hope of finding relief for this unusual condition.

We were working against the tight deadline of my imminent trip to Everest to return the ankle to full fitness, and I'm sure that your use of the Gunn Technique accelerated the repair / healing process, supported by the exercises that you showed me for specific muscle -groups.

Thanks to your treatment I'm pain-free now, and I have recently tested this in prolonged trekking sessions as part of my preparation for "the big one", without any problems.

Thanks again - I'll be sure to send you a picture from Everest Base Camp!

Roy Page

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Viv Roe for my treatment i received over the last couple of months.
She was treating me for tendonitis in my knee, which i got training for london to brighton charity bike ride.
Last weekend (8 sep 2013) i completed the ride with no knee pain and raised nearly £500 for bowel cancer uk.
I wouldn't have been able to do this if it hadn't had been for Viv so i am very grateful to her.

Gareth, Ashford

Over the past year I had been struggling with a leg injury which started during a workout at the gym. After numerous visits to physio, an ankle consultant and a podiatrist, I eventually turned to Sophie for help. After several sessions of various physio techniques Sophie asked if I would be open to trying an alternative treatment called Emmett. At this stage I should add that I had very poor balance in my left leg and foot following an operation twenty eight years ago, which unfortunately was unsuccessful and left me with very poor balance on my left side. I must say that this was the most bizarre treatment I have ever had. It was completely painless and consisted of Sophie running her finger down the back of my leg, under my foot and tapping my leg in several places. Sophie then asked me to stand on my left leg and instead of wobbling and trying to find my balance my leg appeared stronger and very little wobble. Sophie repeated the procedure again and I could not believe that I could balance without any problem and hardly a wobble in sight. I have absolutely no idea how or why this worked but it did. I returned for a further session with Sophie the following week and the balance in my leg was amazing and continues to be. It really was a miracle. My family were amazed at the change in my balance and I have been telling all my friends about this weird treatment.
So if Sophie suggests this to you, give it a go and hopefully you too will benefit from this amazing technique.
Thank you so much Sophie.

Mary Andrews, Egham

My knee which normally makes lots of clonking and crackling and clicking when I have to move/unlock the meniscus has stopped doing all that. I'm now at my gym about to do some cycling. The implications of this technique (fascial manipulation) are just out of this world. I will see how the knee goes but I think the point in the foot was the humdinger, it feels like I'm walking on a different foot. Unbelievable.
If this is the end of my knee problem the ramifications are completely life changing for me. Thank you :-)

I look at people I know and the work they do: most hate their work. I can say with absolute honesty that I am doing what I was born to do and would not be doing anything else. Our head, heart and hands changing people's lives is the greatest gift to me. And it has been a wonderful experience working with and learning from you. Your dedication to furthering yourself is an inspiration to me, for which I thank you. I look forward to seeing you again Sophie

Richard - a fellow professional (chiropractor), Herts

Dear Sophie

First of all a very very big thank you for the hard work and effort you put in to restore my right knee and leg to normality.

I never really believed you would achieve to realign my leg from a permanent bend of seven inches so that the knee would go totally flat and that the foot could be lifted without disturbing or moving the leg.

Obviously there were periods of a little discomfort, but compared with the physio I used prior to coming to Scorpio, you did not use brute force, you used a vast amount of experience, knowledge and some of the most unusual techniques I have seen, which have produced great results in returning my leg and the use of the knee to normality.

I am very glad Paul Trikha, my surgeon, recommended you as did my GP, you and your colleagues are obviously held in great esteem by the medical profession, and rightly so..

Again very many thanks.

Kind regards


Mike, Staines

After damaging my wrist, I was sweating to be ready for a very important golf match coming up in four days time. In my mind I thought I had no chance. I was treated by Sophie and she worked wonders with a couple of appointments. The recovery I made in such a short space of time was staggering and I was able to play in my match with no pain at all. I highly recommend her to all my clients.

Richard Bishton PGA Professional Senior Instructor, Windlesham

A big thank you to Steve........he worked hard on my knee problem, and 3 sessions later and by doing his exercises daily, I am skiing with the kids and the knee feels fantastic !!

Dave F, Virginia Water

I just wanted to let Jane know that my neck has been significantly
better over Christmas and New Year and though not symptom free seems
to recover quickly after minor 'trauma' caused by activity eg DIY or
log splitting etc.

The sessions have helped considerably and I haven't felt the need for
more appointments though I no doubt will at some point in the not far
distant future.

The treatment has been a positive experience and I greatly appreciate
the skills that have been applied.

Laurence J, Windlesham

Over the years a combination of wear and tear due to advancing years and numerous unplanned departures from various horses has resulted in lower back and pelvic pain, especially in the sacro-iliac area. Needless to say, periods of sitting or lying down leave me stiff and, initially, unable to stand fully upright until I have taken several steps. I have also been having problems with my right soleus and Achilles.

I visited Scorpio Clinics to see Sophie for an MOT on the offending area rather than leaving it until it seized up totally.

She felt I would be an ideal candidate for Fascial Manipulation and took a full history of all injuries that I could remember ever having. A key event was an infection in my right hip joint twenty years ago - most of my problem areas are on the right side.

Special points (known as centres of co-ordination according to Sophie) on my right side - pelvic area and leg - indicated a pattern of imbalances and the treatment that followed to stimulate them ranged between quite uncomfortable to easily bearable and I felt significantly looser when I left.

The following morning was nothing short of incredible! I got out of bed easily, stood up straight and walked normally immediately for the first time in at least 10 years!! During the day when I work as an Aromatherapist, I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor massaging people's feet. Usually, getting up is creaky, to say the least, as is walking normally for the first few steps. Not that day - I got up easily and just walked!

As far as I am concerned, this technique is totally amazing and I will definitely have it again - and again.

Liane Deacon
Fully upright Aromatherapist

Liane Deacon, Egham

Just a short note to say how thankful I was for the treatments I had with you. I wish I would have been able to return but unfortunate my time was cut short on my return.
You have been a wonderful relief for my terrible pain please give my regards to Katie and a big thank you for the healing.

Best regards

Christina, Egham

Dear Sophie,

I am writing to thank you enormously for giving me my life back! That, by the way is no exaggeration.....

If you remember I came to you 18 months ago with a condition called 'dropped foot'. The doctors did a number of tests, EEG, MRI and xrays and discovered that I had a bulging disk, but they never really got to the bottom of why it occurred or how to recover from it. Their only suggestion was that time and rest would heal it but that could take a year or more!

However I was in a lot of pain and discomfort and I found it difficult to move/walk about safely without tripping over my foot. Also being a teacher and having two young children meant that life was totally miserable and in order to cope at all I was taking far too many pain killers.

Then I came to you and after an initial examination you introduced me to the Sarah Key method. I loved the treatment, which was you walking on my back with your bare feet! And I loved the block exercises which I had to do twice a day for 10 minutes. Immediately I began to feel back in control of my life and that something was slowly improving.

After seeing you for 6 months, I was able to move my foot and pick it up almost to the same level as my good foot and more importantly not trip up! Also I was able to work and play without the pain killers and live again a normal life.

18 months later, I still do my daily exercises with the block. I can now take part in exercise classes and almost keep up with my children!

I am writing this email so that other people can know that pain doesn't have to be part of their lives and that they are in safe hands with you at Scorpio Clinics.

With best wishes

Sharon PH

Sharon, Addlestone

(this lady was treated mainly with Niromathe Method):

Lucy I just want to say you are amazing, thank you so much for helping with easing my dizziness due to vertigo, not only have you made me feel so much better you all so removed all my aches and pains in my neck area I feel like a new women I will certainly be recommending you to family and friends thank you so much you are a star!!🌟

Maggie, Datchet

Hello Sophie, Just wanted to say a big “Thank You”.!!
My name is Roger. For several weeks/months,I had been suffering from a serious pain in my right lumbar region and had a couple of x-rays and also taking 400mg ibofuren prescription tablets. All of this,without any diagnosis!!
I was very fortunate to get an appointment with Jane,on 8th Dec @1330 hrs @ Christchurch Rd: She quickly diagnosed a cause of my pain and
treated me for it. She also gave me 3 acupuncture needles. I had explained to her that I was going on a long haul flight to Malaysia later that same day
which I wasn’t looking forwards to,too much.
During the flight,absolutely no pain,or discomfort.I now do the exercises she recommended and so far, pain gone.!!
Best Wishes

Roger T-T, Egham

Hi John, Sophie

I really enjoyed the two day course and feel the benefit of the exercises already.

The course has really encouraged me to believe that achieving a better posture is certainly achievable, whilst at the same time being able to maintain a more healthy being. As I mentioned when I was leaving on Sunday, the course has left me with a real sense of peace in respect of this.

I really appreciated all the various exercises you coached us through. This provides a menu of activities to work with to target various different parts of the body as and when necessary. At the centre of all the Gokhale exercises is a philosophy inherent from our ‘original’ anatomy, which for me provides the evidence, and reassurance, of a defined objective to work towards.

John, your enthusiasm for Gokhale is very tangible. I appreciated the depth of information you gave us and the persistence that you maintained when coaching us to acquire the correct postures, and the handy tips /advice which you so freely shared. Thank you very much.

I would be interested in a follow-up course do please let me know dates when you have them.

My best regards,


Richard H, Chobham

Visited Sophie on Friday in terrible pain almost unable to walk after half hour of treatment and advice I left feeling 100% better, did my homework (exercises) that she set over the weekend and returned on Monday a new person. Cannot recommend scorpio clinics enough they truly are remarkable people. Thank you all so much. JM

Janet, Egham

I can not recommend enough the fabulous treatment that I have received at Scorpio Clinics. They have literally given me my life back. Through a series of treatments called Sarah Key Method and Fascial Manipulation I am pain free. So I am writing this to let people can know that pain doesn't have to be part of their lives and that they are in safe hands at Scorpio Clinics.

Sharon , Ashford

A wonderful clinic, who have helped me no end!! 18 months ago I had terrible lower back pain, and after a handful of sessions with Steve Ott, utilising the Sarah Key technique, with some exercises to support it, I am pain free, and know what to do if I ever do feel the onset of the same discomfort.
Tonight is another case in point - my neck went into spasm this morning and I phoned for an emergency appointment this evening... Sophie saw me at very short notice and has significantly helped. I can't recommend Scorpio Clinics enough - thank you team :-)

Julia, Staines

Your back machine (the theraflex) had an incredible impact. Vast improvement. More please

(Scorpio note: this was following multi-level spinal surgery)

Peter, Bracknell

Hi Sophie,

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for encouraging me to see Dana B. I had my first appointment with her today, and she is fabulous (you were right!!) I will be back next week to see her again.

Jane, Virginia Water

Hi Sophie

Just a quick line to say Thanks for the last 10 sessions of “Pain” ! you obviously know exactly what you are talking about as I'm now back running again and will probably be a better person to live with ( very pleased wife). Nick Morgan recommended you for your expertise in this field and was spot on !
Thanks again

Ralph (not so miserable now ha ha )

Ralph, Warfield

Dear Sophie
Due to my recent surgery I was struggling to straighten my right leg. Despite all your help and exercises, my knee just would not cooperate. Once you helped me realize there were no other issues with my knee I began using the Elite Seat and the results were amazing. In 4 days my leg was able to fully extend! I will say the process to get there was challenging and somewhat painful at first but after each use my leg felt better and the pain during each session subsided. I used the machine 2-3 times a day which I believe was essential to the speed of my recovery. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with similar issues.

Margaret, Sunningdale

Having seen four specialists and various physios with no concrete diagnosis or results I was in a pretty low place with the intense nerve pain I was suffering in both arms when I was referred to Dana. I had been suffering for a few months and had been off work for two, but she was quite confident she could improve things in three or four sessions. By session three most of the nerve pain had gone, and a few weeks later I was back to work. Her approach is very different to any other physio I’ve seen and she’s clearly incredibly tuned in to the workings of the body, as well as the mind, and has provided relief for me in both areas. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Paul, Bisley

I have to say all your therapists are high level but Viv seems to really get all my problems and I get brilliant service from her

Andy, Thorpe

Dear Sophie
During 2014 I was suffering with back pain but reluctant to seek any form of treatment.
Eventually as the pain worsened I was forced to rethink and decided on seeing a physiotherapist.
I sought recommendations from residents in my locality and Scorpio Clinic was highly recommended. I read through the cv's of team members and although they all sounded ideal, I decided to make an appointment to see Viv. Within just 3 visits, Viv had identified and worked on the problem area relieving the pain. She provided me with exercises to do at home to strengthen the problem area and hopefully prevent its return.
Throughout the 3 visits Viv explained what was wrong and what she was doing to assist me. Her encouraging words and reassurances were equally helpful.

Recently I have been suffering with a painful shoulder. This time I had no hesitation in deciding to see a physiotherapist and was straight on the phone to arrange an appointment with Viv. This time Viv used both massage and acupuncture to relieve the pain and return full use of the painful shoulder. The treatment took 2 visits but I requested coming back for a third treatment for my own satisfaction. Again I have been given exercises to continue with at home.
I have no hesitation in recommending Scorpio Clinics and Viv. I should add that I have also introduced my wife for treatment at the clinic and yes, with Viv.
Thank you Viv

Henry, Middlesex

I am back in Australia and it is cold and wet in Perth.
My back survived the plane trip without any discomfort.

I must say that the treatment that I received from you has helped me considerably and so far the exercises alone are sustaining the improvement. You also restored my faith in the
medical profession and the possibility of my getting back to full functionality. Apart from the odd spasm of discomfort when the needles hit a really sensitive spot I really enjoyed our
sessions. You have a great capacity to put people at ease whilst pushing, prodding and needling.

Thank you very much for putting this old crock back on the road to recovery. I will certainly recommend your services whenever I can.

Unfortunately I am having difficulty locating anyone with exactly your skills in Perth. The one clinic that you recommended no longer uses the Sarah Key treatment........

Bill, Perth

I have known and worked with Sophie for over 22 years.

In that time frame I must have needed her physiotherapy/ orthopaedic care more often than I care to remember. Sophie has an enormous reservoir of experience (together with an encyclopaedic knowledge base) which she can access to fully understand the reason for the source of your pain. She methodically goes through her experience in a 'step by step' basis until she finds a solution to help you and eventually eliminate the source of your pain.

On more occasions than I care to remember, I have barely been mobile when I decide to come and see Sophie but after a discussion and a number of sessions, she has enabled a full and complete recovery.

I for one am so grateful to her capabilities.

Ray, Twickenham

I started seeing Dana last year for chronic pain in my hip and sciatica stemming from an old sailing injury that is complicated by my hyper-mobility. Her subtle work in myofascia release has essentially re-programmed my posture over the past year to enable me to unwind some of the patterns leading to pain and strengthen the connections through simple exercises at home. Our initial sessions began two weeks apart for several months, after which I've been able to manage on my own and have only needed to come back after a four month gap for a "myofascia MOT."

Kate, Virginia Water, Surrey

Hi Sophie,
Just a word of thanks to Viv who has been treating me for back and neck problems she has also treating my wife and mother.

As with other members of the Scorpio team I have seen in the past she always acts in the patients best interest and professionally at all times, the facilities at Virginia Water are excellent never have to wait long for an appointment.

Bob W

Bob, Staines

I moved back to the UK from Australia almost a year ago and somehow hurt my back in the move. I used to see an osteopath in Australia every 6 mths or so for some lower back relief. I saw my first physio the day after I arrived thinking it would be a quick fix. Over the next 6-8 months I saw 2 physios and 2 osteopaths - with little to no effect. I saw my GP who sent me for an MRI and concluded I had some mild disc bulging on the lower 3 vertebrate and concluded a man of my age should live with the accompanying pain. I am 41!!

I took up yoga to try and get some relief and the class instructor highly recommended Dana. I started at Scorpio seeing Lucy (I insisted on an osteopath as they'd 'fixed' me previously in Australia). Lucy helped me enormously and then advised I see her colleague - Dana.

Since then, she has performed wonders. I have been able to sleep through the night with no pain relief, have been more mobile with my 3 young kids and have been able to continue running without paying for it for days after! I am fascinated by the science behind fascial release and the impact it has had. She is a real credit to your practice and is a miracle worker. I now feel 41 again - and am looking for a new GP!


Scorpio Clinics has become a regular part of my health and fitness regime, every bit as important as my gym sessions and dietary supplements. Working bi-weekly with Julia in the Pilates Studio helps me maintain flexibility, suppleness and core strength, vital in protecting my sometimes sensitive back and joints; and receiving monthly myofascial release treatments from Dana has literally given me a new lease on life. I stand straighter (and taller!), move freer, even sleep better (and wake with less stiffness in the morning). Oh, and then there’s the excellent physiotherapy available from Sophie and the rest of her team, for those times when I "fall off the wagon" and develop acute pain. Thank you, Scorpio — don’t know what I’d do without you!

Jane, Virginia Water, Surrey

I have had a slipped disk which is sitting on my nerve for around 3 years now and have seen so many specialists with little or no progress. I originally saw a physio in Sheffield who used the theraflex machine and was recommend to me but it was too far for me to travel. This is how I found Sophie, I searched and searched for a physio that used the theraflex machine and I couldn't believe Scorpio wasn't too far from me. I absolutely love visiting Sophie and her beautiful clinic. I'm a HUGE animal lover and I just love seeing the ducks and sweet Fergie too. The whole clinic has a lovely vibe, Sophie is just great and she genuinely wants to get to the bottom of your issues. It's very early days for me but I am very pleased with the treatments so far. I have been seeing small but consistent progress each week, Sophie has lots of tricks and methods up her sleeve so I'm really excited to see what we can do. I definitely feel I'm in good hands! Thank you :)

Stephanie, Lightwater

Just a couple of lines to say how impressed I have been with the treatment I received from Dana. I came to her with very stiff neck and head pains and in 2 sessions she managed not only to relieve a lot of the stiffness and pain but also to explain exactly what she was doing and why and to give me a wide range of exercises and ideas to manage and release this stiffness. I have nothing but praise for her.
Many thanks

Paloma, Virginia Water, Surrey

I am writing to recommend Scorpio Clinics to anyone who is suffering chronic musculoskeletal pain as the physios in the practice have really helped to keep me going over a number of years. Scorpio is a very caring and human practice and I always felt in safe hands.
In particular I’d like to say a big thank you for recommending myofascial release therapy as this represented a big turning point for me. My pelvis/sacro-iliac, lumbar condition has affected my life for 24 years and, while I will probably never be totally free of the problem, my two courses of myofascial release treatment have taken my ability to live a far more comfortable and normal life to another level. I initially had the treatment with Sophie and noticed that I was able to do significantly more physically and that any aches and pains started to recover much faster than before. When Monica, a pilates instructor at Scorpio Clinics suggested that I book for another course of myofascial release, I saw Dana for a series of sessions. Dana’s approach is very holistic and intuitive and by using subtle but very effective techniques, she has helped me tremendously so I have progressed even further. My body feels better aligned and I have a set of simple self help exercises to keep the good work going. I have gained in confidence and now do far more as I feel more physically resilient. I will certainly return for a myofascial “MOT” at regular intervals so I stay on the right track.

Ann, Camberley

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