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Niromathe® Method

This is a very gentle manual therapy which is performed superficially at subcutaneous level.

It has its origins in India and was brought to Europe by a French nun and then modified by a Balkan bonesetter. Niromathé® itself was finally created in France in 1997 as a separate therapy and today is widely used across the Channel by physiotherapists and osteopaths.

A large number of osteopathic and acupuncture techniques aim to stimulate trigger points. The Niromathé® method is unique in that it associates gentle traction of the skin whilst stimulating these points.

Niromathé® practitioners recognise that everything that happens in the body is reflected in the skin. When trauma occurs and a musculoskeletal lesion is formed, precise points in and just under the skin can become “deprogrammed”. Tension or spasm occurs, blocking regular motion, affecting visceral functions and restricting blood and lymph flow. This state of tension can last for years.

Niromathe Method

The Niromathé® Method can be used to assess and reorganize key points along these pathways with a short, quick and polarized vibration at the level of the skin. This approach leads to the disappearance of these osteopathic lesions.

The technique is painless (we work on the skin only) and extremely powerful. It is easy to receive and often produces immediate effects with no contraindications.

It is a very effective technique for relieving:

It was completely unknown in Britain until October 2014 when Sophie and Lucy, Scorpio’s resident osteopaths, decided to take the plunge and become the UK’s first qualified practitioners. See our testimonials pages for our clients’ reaction to this new treatment.

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How much will it cost?

Each session is charged at £47.00, whether it is the initial assessment / treatment session or a follow-up treatment, with pilates by arrangement. Find out more about private medical insurance cover...

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