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Miha BodyTec

Genuine whole body strength training using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

This technology delivers electrical impulses to the muscles and you work with (easy) or against (challenging!) the muscle contractions in a 20 minute workout. All your muscles are trained simultaneously, attaining stronger and more intensive contractions than with conventional training methods.

This system is currently being used in Germany both for rehabilitation purposes and for whole body training across the whole spectrum of those who wish to exercise.

Miha Bodytec leads to a significant increase in performance within a short time, both in the area of health and rehabilitation and for hobby and professional sportsmen.

What are the effects?

Deep stabilisation muscles, which are very difficult to reach with traditional training, are stimulated. This quickly and notably improves body stability and reduces numerous musculoskeletal complaints, for instance in the spine and pelvis. Muscular imbalances can be reduced or eliminated within a short period of time. Body tension and body posture are improved within a short period of time. Sensory motor function, i.e. the ability consciously to control muscles, is improved significantly. You will feel much stronger and better toned all over.


How does it work?

up to 10 electrode pairs, incorporated into an individually adjustable electrode "suit", are used simultaneously Genuine whole body strength training: the deep muscles that make up the "core"plus all the main muscle groups are trained simultaneously, both agonists and atagonists (ie opposing sets of muscles like the triceps and the biceps) The electrodes activate each individual muscle more quickly, and many times more often and intensively, than traditional methods


Benefits of "core training"

The body's "core" muscles are the vital foundation for all other movement. These muscles stabilise the spine and pelvis to provide a solid foundation for developing dynamic strength in your shoulders, arms and legs.

Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of miha bodytec training*:

*Source: Studies at the University of Bayreuth (Boeckh-Behrens et al. 2002-2006) and the German Sports University Cologne (Kleinöder/Kreuzer/Speicher 2006-2008)

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How much will it cost?

Each session is charged at £47.00, whether it is the initial assessment / treatment session or a follow-up treatment, with pilates by arrangement. Find out more about private medical insurance cover...

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